Repair Work

Super sorry if you’ve been getting notifications of old posts being published today everyone.

Went a bit mad this week as repair work on the website, post WordPress 5.0 update came to demotivated stand still. An hour or two a day of repairs until March wasn’t working for me. So I just spent the last three days working on repairing as much as I could. I’m 45 hours into repairs. About 5 more hours of repairs to go I think. Found a stack of extra problems with the Gutenberg import.

Also found if I drafted an old post then set it to published again it sent out a publication notice to every channel, email and social media with no option of not doing so. The usual bit you publish that has options to share to all social networks was actually greyed out. How silly is that. I published a few posts before realising they were appearing on my Twitter and Tumblr and people were leaving comments on the blog like they were new posts.

Pretty livid about the whole thing but the bulk of the work is done now. Crack a beer open with me and cheer as it means I’m going to have more time than expected to work on new Fears.

Cheers for sticking with me as always everyone. I’m so glad you all still enjoy a smidgeon of fear-filled humour every morning, with me, here. Have a great Sunday everyone!


Tiny Fears


We’ll be having a wee break from the Lily and Sally stories this week for five tiny Little Fears horrors. A teeny bit of experimentation with my art style and storytelling. Like Floofy, up there above this text. 

Lily and Sally will return for their last case next week, Finding Leads. In which we find our intrepid duo hot on the heels of a serial killer.

Until then, I hope you enjoy this week’s micro horrors.


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Many Movigos

Another wee invitation for everyone. As many of you know, Alex, Layne and I watch things over the internet together on Saturdays and twatter about them on Twitter. Our numbers have grown. They now include Amberly, Ward, Eric and Mel. We have departed from being the Three Movigos, to the Many Movigos.

This Saturday at 9 pm UK time, Amberley the hater of lemonade and R Whites bane has chosen our double feature. Twilight Zone episode, Nightcrawlers. Followed at 9:30 pm UK time by I am Not Allowed to Fall in Love read by CreepsMcPasta. We’ll prattle along as always during the showing. If you’d like to join is, poke me on Twitter and I’ll be sure to @ you so you get in on the conversation early.

Informative informational bit

Video Links

Twilight Zone: Nightcrawlers
I am Not Allowed to Fall in Love

Twitter Accounts:

Alex @SynBoomstick 
Layne @Chew_On_Glass
Lemonade @IamAmberley
LittleFears @TheLittleFears
Mel @GutierFiction
Ward @cleverward1
Eric @ericshayhoward


We hit play on Twilight Zone at 9 pm UK time, it lasts for 20 minutes. We then have a quick dash to loo break and hit play on the creepypasta at 9:30 pm UK time, which lasts for 15 minutes.

9 pm GMT – UK time
4 pm EST – New York time
3 pm CST – Central time

We time ourselves hitting play using so we can be a bit synchronised. The odds of us all getting hitting play at the exact time are hahahaha no sorry don’t go there lol rofl just no. But we can be close!

Any questions, let me know. Poke me on Twitter for an @. No guarantees about demonic entities coming out of TV sets to get you are given.


Hashtags are super important. They allow anyone who writes a blog post about the event to scroll down a unique hashtag and see the whole twatter’sode in real time if you click ‘Latest’. Also, on occasion, one of us loses notifications. Disaster!

You can insert a hashtag by either going to the hashtag in a web browser and composing a tweet under that tag. The tweet will automatically have the hashtag in. Try that here, and say hello to the #MovigosPastaNight. (Linky) Alternatively, you can copy the hashtag and paste it into every tweet.

So I ask, if you join us, please use the hashtag in every tweet, #MovigosPastaNight.

How to convert a hand-drawn illustration into a digital graphic

A short, 11-minute class, using free software, to do exactly what it says on the tin. It’s free for the last week of January. Once you enrol in the class it’s free for life. In February it will be switched to premium. Premium access to Skillshare costs as little as $0.99 for the first 3 months and gives you access to thousands of classes on everything from writing characters, social media and watercolour painting.

Course Link:

Le blurb:

I am a prolific doodle. I love doodling. On the list of everything, I do in life, doodling ranks quite highly. There’s something about doodling. It helps me relax, focus, create new characters and honestly, I’m a simple man, I don’t own much stuff, so doodling gives me something to do at home other than watch the telly and play on my smartphone.

Now every so often I doodle up a new monster that I want to use in one of my Little Fears projects. It could be an art print a Threadless t-shirt or a Colour Collective portrait on Twitter. So I take my doodles into the free graphics software program, GIMP, and turn them into high resolutions .pngs that I can mix up into whatever project I happen to have that week.

Do you doodle as well? Have you ever drawn a simple image and thought, man, if that were tidied up a bit, I’d love that as a website banner? But do your eyes glaze over when someone mentions raster vs vector? If that sounds like you, this course may be of help.

You’ll need to download GIMP for this class which you can download here:

Course Link:


Preparing Fears

There is still no #Colour_Collective so a wee update on what’s to come over the next few months on the Fears website.

The preamble, I’m still in the process of selling my home with no end date in sight. Post sale, I’ll have 2-3 months of rented accommodation, or I’ll be at the missus family home. Not a suitable working environment and both will have, at best, my phones 3g internet with Scottish hills reception. A lot of my plans are on hold until I get the new house and some control over my creative setting.

Two things I want to release before I move. First, my next Skillshare course. How to turn a doodle into high-resolution digital graphics. No scanners required and the technique uses free software. I’ll offer the class free of charge for one week then set it to premium. A handy course for anyone that doodles that’d like a new social media avatar, blog banner or an interest in Threadless and Society 6. I use this method to make my book covers, art prints and Threadless tees.

Skillshare Premium gets you access to the entire website for as little as $0.99, not just my lessons. It just means I get a few pennies from students.

The second thing I’d love to get released is the next book, Grey Moon. Currently waiting on Amazon for that. Not sure when I’m going to get the first copy of the book, and I need a week or two to check it over a hundred times before release.

You may have also noticed a minor drop in posting frequency. I’m currently spending as much time as I can on building a library of videos on my laptop so I don’t need to do them in the 2-3 months where I will have no privacy. At one per day, I need between 90 and 120 videos to fully cover me for three months. For anyone who has ever done video creation, you know how much time that takes.

Semi-related, after this week’s YouTube announcement, I am not entirely keen on uploading to YouTube long term. I may need to take a leaf out of Miles & Crawford’s book and start uploading to audio/podcast sites like Podbean and Soundcloud. I would have never had a chance of YouTube monetisation myself. My videos are too short to get views counted correctly. It’s not just WordPress that can’t do stats right. But after all the drama of Logan the week before, YouTube responded by stepping on the small YouTuber while raising up the big’uns like Logan. I always felt YouTube represented an idea that anyone could have a go. Everyone can still have a go, but YouTube will make it hard for you unless you make it big. Not an ideology I like.

ComicsExplained has a trending video on why he’s looking at Patreon and other options. I, unfortunately, do not read comics anymore, except for the odd webcomic. Certainly nothing mainstream. But what he says about YouTubes decision reflects how I feel about the situation.

The last thing in this update is my schedule for the next three months and beyond.

Until I have my new house, possibly three months away, I’ll be dropping to one story per day and one blog post per week. I hope to keep roughly on this schedule.

Monday – Capricorn horror story
Tuesday – Grey Moon story
Wednesday – Grey Moon story
Thursday – Grey Moon story
Friday – January story, with new video
Saturday – Little Fears, Big Update
Sunday – Spiders story, with new video

Once I have moved, I can return to the busier schedule with my posts returning to the same level as the last few months. Seven new stories. Three old stories with new videos. One big update. One art/work in progress post. One long-form story. One blog on blogging or creativity. All of that, every week. Soooo many puns and punchlines!

Thank you very much, everyone, for sticking with me. You’re an awesome rabble of groaning, pun-loving and horror laughing oddballs. 

Threadless Vs Etsy for Art Prints & Little Fears

A super short post, with some handy courses and links below. A comment to Mr Bongdoogle about Threadless the other day.

Ahh, OK. The service has been great. The quality took a drop about May this year on the Tees, however, it’s still the best out there along with Society 6.I can’t stand Zazzle and CafePress who use paper thin, Fruit of the Loom and Gildan. My sales are about 95% tees and 5% prints. I don’t know why the prints don’t sell from Threadless. I think I need to make a return to Etsy for the art prints and keep the Threadless store as tees. My store shows I have never had a returned item to Threadless.

Between Threadless, Redbubble and Society 6, there’s not much difference. I’m going to stick with my Threadless store as I still feel the Tee quality is good and I get regular sales from it. I get between $3-$5 per sale, Threadless get the rest.

For my art prints, they will return to my Etsy store. I do have some sexy as feck canvas effect 220gsm art print card. It looks awesome and everybody at markets loves them. If anyone has any requests, let me know in comments. Also, Layne, I haven’t forgotten about Cloud and Barn!

If you want to visit my Threadless store, click here.

If you want to visit my Etsy store, it’ll be back in a few days, link pending.

Below are a couple of courses from Jeff Staple. A creative entrepreneur who’s dabbled in t-shirt design.

The Definitive Guide to T-Shirt Design and Manufacturing

Between his global streetwear brand Staple Design and renowned retail store Reed Space, jeffstaple has designed and sorted through thousands of t-shirts over the past two decades.

In this class, he celebrates the power of the “tee” by providing insights on how to concept, design, and manufacture a shirt that can form the foundation of your business.

This class is perfect for aspiring fashion entrepreneurs, designers, and everyone looking to spread a message in one of the most effective ways: a t-shirt. Learn everything you need to know about the types of tees available and what to expect when you dive in to making them.

As an added bonus, students who submit their actual t-shirt creations in the class have the opportunity to get purchased and placed in jeff’s store, Reed Space.


The Creative Entrepreneur’s Toolbox: Interviews that Inspire

In this non-traditional class, you’ll gain access to a series of interviews that cover essential topics for the creative entrepreneur like marketing, design, and branding. These interviews were originally part of an initiative called The Board,  which is a group of 100 creators that are working together to redefine the K-Swiss brand.

Blogger Natalie Suarez sits down with some top creative entrepreneurs to go through their experience building their businesses. You’ll learn from:

  • Sharmadean Reid, founder of WAH Nails over in London, will provide some pointers on developing your business plan.
  • Scott Sasso, founder of 10Deep here in New York, will speak on brand positioning, which will allow your consumers to distinguish your brand/business from everybody else.
  • Tyler Gage and Dan Mccombie – founders of Runa Tea, a tea company supporting indigenous farmers in the Amazon. They’ll give some tips on building community and conscience into your business.
  • The Fat Jewish, everyone’s favorite instagrammer, who gives some insight on social media strategy and how you can leverage today’s platforms to build your brand.
  • Rachel Wang, fashion director of Allure Magazine, speaks on the importance of your lookbook and Brand Imagery as a product company.
  • Jeff Staple provides tips on telling a story through your products.

K-Swiss is committed to outfitting and inspiring this generation of entrepreneurs. For additional creative inspiration and product updates, make sure to follow the brand on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram

Course Linky:


Eat our books:
Sponsor our Patreon:
Lick our course:
Drink our art prints & tees:

Little Fears, Big Update: Fey

Well howdy. Another week, another update.

  1. Fey
  2. Threadless – Sale
  3. Chili Cinema
  4. Patreon


Ah, an old character I doodled but hasn’t been in a single published tale yet. A quick re-doodle and she’s in this weeks #Colour_Collective.

Threadless – Sale

Last chance to get free shipping on our Threadless store orders. Good Christmas presents, just saying! Use the promotional code CHEER7cca8e at checkout. Offer ends December 15th.


Chili Cinema

Alex, Layne and I will be watching Land of the Dead and having a laugh on Twatter this weekend. We’ll be hitting play at 9 pm GMT or 4 pm EST for our American friends, and tweeting like zombie splatter fangirls. You can find our Twitter handles at @Chew_On_Glass@SynBoomstick and @TheLittleFears. Watch along with us if ya fancy.

While giving Twitter a mention, I still have 4 codes left for a £5 voucher on Chili Cinema. Tweet me here for a free £5 Chili Cinema voucher

patreon little fears

Have you noticed my weekly update posts have had links to my new patrons? Well, not for the last couple weeks… Do you want a shout out at the bottom of my weekly update posts? Head on over to Patreon and pledge $10 or more a month and not only will you help with Hydra’s feed bill, but you will also get that weekly shout out with a link back to your site. Hit me up on Patreon here:


Little Fears, Big Update: Alice

Now her I like! In this weeks update:

  1. Alice
  2. Threadless Sale
  3. Seeking Hydra
  4. Free Film Promotion
  5. Patreon


This weeks #Colour_Collective submission. Alice blue was the colour of the week and I love the way she turned out. She’s called Alice after the colour of course. I may use her in future tales.

Threadless Sale

A reminder once again, our Threadless store has free shipping on orders over $45. Y’all know I don’t do sales, but free shipping on $45 orders, that I can get behind. Use the promotional code CHEER7cca8e at checkout. Offer ends December 15th.


Seeking Hydra

I do love how sexy my books look. Hydras story on the Little Fears is nearing an end. His search for an identity is a theme that runs throughout the new book. His last five tales will be published Monday to Friday next week. In a wonderful piece of timing, my book will be released Monday. For the whole of next week, the digital edition will be free on Amazon. Keep an eye out for it! If you fancy picking up my first three books, follow this link:

Free Film Promotion

I was part of a promotion this week and got a non-response on Twitter. Yeowch. I think I talk too much there so my tweets may have been lost in the tide of retweets and blether. I have 10 codes to give away for Chili Cinema. Want to nobble a £5 code to watch a movie? Reply to this tweet and a code will be yours. Linky:


patreon little fears

Have you noticed my weekly update posts have had links to my new patrons? Well, not for the last couple weeks… Do you want a shout out at the bottom of my weekly update posts? Head on over to Patreon and pledge $10 or more a month and not only will you help with Hydra’s feed bill, but you will also get that weekly shout out with a link back to your site. Hit me up on Patreon here:

Blog Collaborations

A follow-on from my recent Yuffie collaboration. This is one long-arse post, but it includes the emails and details on our collaboration process. It demonstrates all the detail we went into while running this collaboration. Interested in running a collaboration yourself? Read on, but be warned, it’s an awfully long read!

What to do?

First things first, ask yourself why you want to collaborate. There are dozens of reasons to work with other bloggers. It might be that you are good friends with someone; you want to try a new style of blog post; you want an increase in blog views; you want to promote a new book or other product; you have a post idea that won’t fit on your blog but would be perfect for a blog you follow. For my first blogger’s collab last week, I just wanted the experience of collaborating with other bloggers to figure out how it would work and what could go wrong.

Now decide how you want to collaborate with someone.

Serialized collaboration. Where you write posts that follow on from each other. Be it an extensive guide about how to get those jawlines perfect with makeup or an ongoing story where each person posts a single chapter each week.

Set time post. What we did this week with the Little Fears. We each wrote a story about a single character and scheduled them to post at the same time. For the non-fiction world, your collaborators could blog a review for a new film or hair product and time them to fire off at the same time.

Guest posts. Where you all write a post on each other’s blogs. A handy way to use sound material that doesn’t work on your blog.

Interviews. I gave a few interviews for my previous blog and two for this one. They have never worked out well. My main issue was no communication past original emails, and they spell-corrected my British’ms and entirely changed the context of a few paragraphs. I have seen interviews done well though, so be considerate and copy check with your fellow blogger before posting, and it will be fine.

Chats. Informal chats using a hashtag on Twitter about your craft. Recording a Skype conversation and uploading it to YouTube or Soundcloud and embedding in your post. Or visiting a friend and recording a garage talk.

Who to roll with

In my opinion, ask people you already know to collaborate. If you’ve known someone for at least six months, you will have a good idea that they aren’t utter bellends. Also, choose people who understand you and what you do. It can help if they are in your blogging niche. Writers collaborating with other writers to make things easier. But like I suggested before, if you have a post that doesn’t fit your own blog, shifting niches can help use good posts.

Don’t be put off by follower counts of bloggers that you want to collab with. Don’t obsess over them either. If you have a blog that isn’t established, consider asking friends or other bloggers starting out to collaborate with you. If you do reach out to an established blogger, get to know them first or give them a reason to cooperate with you. The worst anyone can say is no and if they are rude to you, do you want to work with them anyway?

My process

I reached out to four people I have known in blogging for yonks. I contacted two via Twitter and two via email.


Hope you’re well! I’m gathering a few folk for a four-way collab. Wanted
to know if you’d be interested.

The collaboration is WordPress blog based. I have a pile of images of
Yuffie, Hydra and Ratty from Witchtober. I hope to share them about
between 4 us and everyone picks one image from 20’ish. Each person
writes a single story, any genre and posts them. Each person links to
each other’s blog posts in the signature of their posts. Something you’d
be interested in?

Let me know!



Short, sweet but also specific.

One of the other big reasons I don’t collab with people is I often get invites that are a generic “Hi, wanna collaborate?” I’m always open to collaboration but usually, people don’t seem to know how they want to collaborate. Expand on it a little bit with your initial suggestion. I’ve had slightly more than that. “I’ll take photos, you draw and write about them.” OK, that’s more, but it doesn’t give me anything to latch onto you know? Pick a theme, topic, subject or product to base your collaboration on. Have a focus.

One person turned me down because they didn’t think they could write a story. If someone turns down your offer, don’t pester them. You will rarely change their mind. When a Tumblr pestered me to collab with them, it made me want to turn them down even more. Accept it, move on, find someone else.

The First Email

Once you have your collaborators on board, send them an email detailing the process for what you will be doing together. Things you must include in this email:

  • Everybody’s contact details & social medias given
  • A basic plan outline
  • All source material required (in my case I attached 13 images on a PDF to the email)
  • Details of the focus of the collaboration. Is it about a product? Include prices and where to buy it. About a character? Include an outline of their personality. State how long you want the post to be here.
  • Is there anything else that needs to go in the post? Ask for information as soon as you can. In our case, I wanted to know if everyone wanted to do their own videos or wanted me to do it. Important note, if you’re reproducing anything someone else has created, make sure you get written permission from them.
  • The posting date. Will you all be posting at the same time? Are you going to post one after the other? Weekly or daily? Add that information next.
  • Social media information. Do you want everyone to share each other’s posts? Do you only want everyone to focus on Instagram? Detail the social media plan for everyone.
  • Additional information, a place for footnotes that are less important and less related. In my case, I wanted to let everyone know I would be creating this blog post.
  • What I need next. Put everything you need from everybody here and put a date for when you need it by. If you haven’t received this information by the day before you list chase people up, but don’t them delay you. Any delays effect everyone and you have a schedule.

Howdy, gang!

Hope you’re all having a fab week! Thank you to all for showing an interest in being a part of this wee collaboration.

Some contact info for all invited to this collab.

Contact email:
Twitter: @atothewr

Contact email:
Twitter: @Chew_On_Glass

Contact email:

Peter (me!)
Contact email:
Twitter: @thelittlefears

I have never done a blog based collaboration before, if any of you have and you know I’m doing something wrong or have a suggestion, please holla at me!

The basic plan

I have attached some images to this email of Yuffie, Hydra, Sprite and Ratty. Each of us picks an image, first come first serve basis, and writes a story for it. We’ll then schedule our posts to publish at the same time on our blogs, with links to everybody else’s blog and a brief collab description (2 lines at most). The aim for me is to gain experience doing collabs by doing a collab.

The images

The images are numbered on a PDF attached to this email. Have a look at them and pick the image you want to use. I’ll send you over three copies. A 2000 pixel wide copy, a 1024 pixel wide copy and a 600-pixel wide copy. Gives you a selection if you self-host not to destroy your bandwidth.

The original photographs are either taken by me or from For those that haven’t heard of it, Unsplash is a community project where people post photos they won’t be using for anything themselves under a ‘do what you want with it’ license. Including commercial use.

If you don’t want to use an image or you want to use your own image, that’s fine. It would be good to include Yuffie in all the stories though, as that makes the connection between everyone’s posts.

The story

The story can be any genre. It doesn’t have to be an eye-rolling pun or Lovecraftian horror. You can write a poem if you fancy.

You can also include whatever characters you want as long as Yuffie is present or referred too. Half the time my images depict one person from a two or three-way conversation. You’re welcome to create new characters.

The character of Yuffie is a necromancer. It’s alluded too she’s had a wife in the past. She’s good friends with Hydra. She has some wit so she’s good at delivering an intentional punchline.

Hydra’s the Fears equivalent of a big golden retriever. Big and dumb, lots of fun. A natural character to play with for misunderstanding what’s been said.

Sprite’s in one image. He’s a comic relief character. Spectre and Sprite usually have a scheme going between them. Alway’s up to something.

Ratty has no personality defined yet, so use her however you wish.

As for story length, I aim to keep all of my posts below 512 characters long. A hangover from my original writing and not relevant anymore. I’d suggest all stories are less than 1000 words long. This is meant to be a fun learning experience, not a new NaNoWriMo.

The videos

Four videos will not take me long to make. I’m not sure if anyone else would like to record a voice over or if anyone would want me to host it on my YouTube or if you would want to host it on your own YouTubes. I can provide all my usual assets if you’re going to make one yourself. If you would like to do a voice over, send me an MP3, and I can sort you out a video. I would put links to you all in the video descriptions and on the end card. I can record mine first and upload it as private to give you a demonstration.

I’m sure for duplicating somebodies story you need an email from them saying it’s OK to record their story and host it on YouTube. At the moment my video’s cannot be monetized, so I’m afraid there’s no revenue there. You need 10,000 views minimum on YouTube (not through linked videos), and I also do horror, which means those tales cannot be monetized anyway.

The posts

Quite a long way from now, but I had it in my head that we should schedule our posts to all publish at the same time, failing to remember in the UK our clocks change a week or two before they do in America. So to save a cock up with time displacement (how very Doctor Who!), the date for the big post publish will be November 8th.

We can schedule them for 6 pm London time, 1 pm New York time. That way everyone’s awake when they publish.

At the bottom of the posts, we will include a brief description and link to each other’s stories.

“This post one of four tales in a rather groovy collaboration. You can check out the other tales in this collab by visiting the websites below.”

When you create a new post on a self-hosted WordPress website, once you save a post as a draft, it shows a permalink below.

If everyone gets their post links to me before November 5th, I can send the HTML for this to everybody to copy paste into the bottom of their posts.

The social media

There are no constraints or demands on anyone for social media. Share what you want to share.

I will share my post in full to Tumblr, Medium, Instagram, Ello, DeviantArt, Flickr and Patreon. I shall include links to everyone’s posts in the bottom of all my post on those sites. I will share everyone’s posts to my Twitter.

I can link to your social media on each platform as well. For example, if you’re on Tumblr I can link to your Tumblr account in my Tumblr post as well as your website. I don’t want to demand this of everyone as it adds work that I did not suggest in the original collab tweet or email. So what you do on social media is entirely up to you.

I autoshare to Facebook, G+ and Linked In, but I never visit them. They will just get an autoshare of my post.

A follow-up blog post

I will make a blog post about this collab and the process in a Monday blog post after we have all posted. I will include links to all of your websites at the top of the post. I will include this email (with your email address removed) and a brief description of how the collab came about. I can send a copy to you all for approval before I post if you like. You’d be welcome to copy paste the post or any part of to your own blogs, no credit or links required.

What I need from everyone this week

If you could please reply to this email by Monday 31st of October with the following info.

1. The image number you wish to use

2. Video details.

a. Do I have permission to record audio for your story?
b. Would you like to record audio yourself?
c. Would you like to make the video yourself?
d. Where would you like your video to be uploaded?

3. Your social media channels you would like me to mention in my posts.

A wee note

The aim of this is to be a quick learning experience and a bit of fun. I find the best way of learning something and figuring out what can go wrong, is by doing. Not reading. I’ve tried to include everything I can think of in this email, no doubt I have forgotten something. If anyone has any suggestions, please do let me know. Like I said, my first time doing a blog based collaboration.



The Second Email

Once I had everyone’s information, I sent out a second email. This kept everyone updated and told them what I needed next. The images followed separately for each person to make sure there were no mix-ups. The contents of your followup email will vary for whatever your project is. Some key points in my email though.

  • I gave everyone permission to use my images in whatever they wanted. I included the ‘do whatever you want’ license and Unsplash license when I sent them the images. Important to do that because in the unfortunate event you drop dead tomorrow, they will never be able to use their chosen image or post in future projects such as books or articles.
  • I detailed the next set of dates for when I wanted things by. It keeps people informed and helps give people a time-based focus.
  • If you’re linking to each other’s posts, push everyone to get you links as soon as possible. Don’t leave this until the last minute. Not everybody is techie minded and knows how to get their links.
  • Address any questions from the first email. In our case, Layne’s query about post titles.
  • A roundup of what information you need next. Again, put it at the bottom so everybody knows what the next steps are.


Howdy gang

An update on the Collab and what we need next.


I will be getting all the images in all resolutions to everybody today. One at 2000px, one at 1024px and one at 800px. I’ll include a disclaimer in all the emails, but I’m giving permission for everyone to reproduce the images, free forever, even for commercial purposes. No credits required. The reasoning is in 3 years time, if we have all lost contact, someone wants to use the story and image in a book or other commercial venture you have full permission to reproduce the image. There’s no need to track me down for legal permission and stuff.


Everybody has said yes to me creating all the videos and given me permission to record their stories. I will need everybody’s stories text for Sunday 5th November. Just email it over once it’s written. I can get them recorded Sunday/ Monday and get the links to you ASAP.

Post Links

If you could also create a draft of your blog post and send me the permalink for the post, that would also be helpful. That way we can directly to each other’s posts.

Post Title

Layne asked if we should publish a particular title. It did make me wonder, maybe we should name our posts whatever we want to name them and include a subtitle. A Yuffie Collaboration. It would add some synergy to the collab. For example, Laynes said she wanted to use the title Chewing on Fears. So her post title would be Chewing on Fears – A Yuffie Collaboration. Let me know what you guys think about that and if you have a better title idea.

Wrapped up by Monday 6th

It would be great if we could have all the info we need to each other by end of day Monday. That way we have a day and a half to two days to refine and resolve any issues.

What I need next

1. Your posts text for me to record the audio for

2. Your permalink to your post (mail me if you need help)

3. Your opinion on the post subtitle

Cheers gang!

The Third Email

For us, the third and final email. I sent everyone’s video links separately to make sure nobody posted the wrong video. I sent an HTML and an embedded version of the signature in the actual email but didn’t clarify they were two separate things clearly enough. I have removed the HTML version from this email because it looked a mess and was unnecessary in the end.

Howdy Gang

Next update on the collab! I’ve uploaded everyone’s videos to my YouTube and sent everyone’s video links out. We have two things left to do.

1. Add a signature with links to everyone’s posts in

2. Schedule the posts


I have included the HTML and embedded link copies of my own signature below.

This tale is one four written for a Yuffie collaboration. Four tales by four writers about the character Yuffie. You can check out the other three tales at the links below.

Anthony Renfro of One Writer Ranting
Layne Ambrose of Chewing on Glass
Mel Gutier of Fiction in my Head
Peter Edwards of Little Fears

Everyone can put in their own text lines. I have just included mine as a demonstration of what I’m doing. You should be able to copy in the linked lines you want. If you have any questions, please do let me know as soon as possible!

Post Scheduling

If we could all schedule our posts for 6 pm London time, 1 pm New York time for Wednesday the 8th of November.

If anyone has a time schedule query, again, please let me know as soon as possible.

Thanks everyone for joining in on this collab, it’s been a fun eye-opener!


I know my process had a lot of long emails but as you may have guessed from parts of this post, I hate ambiguous collab requests. I wanted everybody to everything and when it was meant to happen.

That’s actually the key thing. I feel very strongly that if you invite someone to collaborate, you need to be the one that does the legwork for planning with the content roughly equal.

Have you ever collaborated before? Has this post got you interested in running a collaboration? Let me know in comments. Thanks for reading!

Little Fears, Big Update: Wurm

Here be a quick update for a fast week.

  1. Wurm
  2. Dwagons
  3. ItsOnCraft
  4. About the Fears
  5. Inktober, Witchtober & Goretober
  6. Creative Market Big Bundle
  7. Patreon


Check her out, a wiggly wurm, in the fantasy sense of course. She’s one of my Inktober doodles made good for this week’s Colour Collective on Twitter. No backstory yet as she’s a fresher than fresh character. I quite like the look of her. She’s a keeper.


Another Inktober creature, but I adore her already. Give her a moonlit backing and shes a sexy dragon who’ll be coming back in the future. She’s available as an art print from $12 on my Threadless store.



I was fortunate to be featured on ItsOnCraft’s craft cards this week. Head on over to catch my 30-second bite of wisdom on honing your craft. Complete with a cheesy pun of course.

You can see my card here:

Check out the daily niblets of creative advice here:

About the Fears

little fears vulture

I haven’t had the link for the About page on this site visible, since the beginning, yet people always found it. So two weeks ago, I tidied it up, made it show up and forgot to turn comments off. Doh! Apologies if you commented, I have since cleaned off all comments from my about page. I like my info pages nice and clean.

I don’t know if it’s cause and effect, but since making it visible I have had a number of new SKillshare students, t-shirt and book sales. Interesting. The power of a good about page? How the smeg did it get over 900 likes?


Inktober, Witchtober & Goretober

Yep, still doing Inktober, Witchtober and Goretober. A collage of how this week has gone.

Inktober has provided me with new characters left, right and centre.

Lucy has continued her killing spree across the internet. Interestingly, Lucy’s campaign of death is the most popular of the four projects I have going this month. Does that say something about me or you lot?

Yuffie’s looking a little more consistent in hat shape and style for Witchtober, which was the idea. She’s having a wander about the internet with Hydra and Ratty.

Creative Market Big Bundle

You may have noticed a little banner at the bottom of my posts the last few days. They won’t be appearing every day, but if I see a product I like and I think you may find useful, I’ll be nobbling an affiliate banner for it.

Creative Market bundles are something me and the missus have been buying for the last couple of years. Every month they put together over $1000 of digital goods and sell it for $39. The goodies you get range from WordPress templates to fonts to photography to mockups. If any of you click the banner and nobble a bundle, I get a few cents. It won’t make me rich, but it may help towards a web hosting bill.

Linky for those interested:


patreon little fears

Do you want a shout out at the bottom of my weekly update posts? Head on over to Patreon and pledge $10 or more a month and not only will you help with Hydra’s feed bill, but you will also get that weekly shout out with a link back to your site. Hit me up on Patreon here:

While we are on Patreon, a quick shout out to my fantastic new Patreon supporter Barbara from A wonderful wee blog that offers food for the soul. Thanks again Barbara!