Little Fears, Big Update; Seahorse

Little Fears, Big Update; Seahorse

  1. Seahorse
  2. Sprite & Spectre
  3. Inktober
  4. Patreon


Yeah, she’s a nice character. She came from the Inktober character spam. I tidied her up and coloured her for this weeks #Colour_Collective on Twitter. I reckon she’s a future character for the Threadless store.

Sprite & Spectre

Speaking of Threadless, Sprite and Spectre have landed on our tees as a duo. They are my favourite pairing out all the Fears. They were never meant to be a bromance, but they work so darned well together in the stories!

Spectre & Sprite are available from $12.95 on the Little Fears Threadless store.



Clouds were an Inktober theme a few days ago, would have been rude not too! Art print for next week too as well I reckon.

I have been trying out the Faber-Castell Artist Pitt pens I got for Inktober and spamming out new characters left right and centre. I have absolutely fallen for them. They shan’t replace my Poscas anytime soon for the daily tale doodles, but they have become my new go-to pen for doodling on white paper.They are also currently on sale on

Amazon UK linky:
Amazon USA linky:


patreon little fears

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