Lucy’s Wife

“My wife left me,” sighed Lucy.

“Oh dear,” said Fuen. “How are you taking it?”

“Awful,” sighed Lucy. “I have been so lonely and depressed I bought a dog, and a new motorbike then had sex with two women and spent a fortune on drink and drugs.”

“I am sorry to hear that,” replied Fuen.

“Mmm,” mumbled Lucy. “She’s gonna go mad when she gets home from the shops…”

Well, obviously Lucy was going to start migrating into some of the humorous tales. Everyone loves the wicked spirit, Lucy, right?

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40 thoughts on “Lucy’s Wife”

    1. Okay, so I’m digressing, but I thought that was something with my internet connection…the “Like” button not loading and other issues with visiting WordPress blogs…odd.


      1. I believe its an issue with self-hosted blogs hidden behind Cloudflare. I do not miss my sometimes absent like button. 🙂


    1. Fiddling Like button has been slow to load due to having to hide the site behind Cloudflare. It may or may not return. 🙂


  1. I like the audiovisual element to this a lot! I have been trying to get in to audiobooks, but they put me to sleep when played at length. Short, sassy pieces like this make audio-literature seem hip in the best way. 🙂


    1. Haha, thanks Angel. 🙂 I still need to work on my delivery. My voice goes funny when I’m sitting alone talking to a mic! 🙂


  2. This story has a strange Bukowski level quality to it. I enjoyed the chilled out narration and the smooth stoytelling… Adding a video is a good idea too… Inspired to try one out myself.


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