Feckin’ Foxes

“Feckin’ foxes,” she yells, kicking the bin bag.

She was baffled by how they kept coming. She’d put so much poison in her bin bags that all the neighbour’s cats and most of the dogs had died. But never all of the foxes.

She ties the top of the bin bag shut, again, and drops it in the metal can. “Feckin’ foxes.”

Last week she moved onto injecting cyanide into meat and treats, and leaving them about the estate. Nearly all the local birds were dead now.

She wanders back indoors. She feels rank break against the back of her neck. She turns. Rows of sharp yellow teeth greet her.

Feckin’ foxes.

Yep. That voice over right there is the onset of my first cold of the Autumn season… 🙂

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50 thoughts on “Feckin’ Foxes”

  1. Hey, the “Like” button is back! Just in time for me to like the fact that your story just creeped me out (in the best way).
    Thanks, btw., for stopping by on my blog, earlier. I was just getting ready to visit yours when your “Like” popped up.
    Much Love – and beware those feckin’ foxes!


    1. Aha, thanks Stef. Sorry I was browsing back the ways on your site. My like button is going to coming and going with the blowing of the wind heh. It’s not fixed properly yet. 🙂


      1. Maybe you need to fetch those feckin’ foxes to fix the problem with them buttons for you. ?
        “Browsing back the ways”…? ?
        (I’m not a native speaker and not sure if I understand you correctly…)


      2. It means I was going back over your older blog posts. I’m never sure if that’s considered the same as Facebook stalking on personal blogs heh. I paused my browsing when I realised how many posts you have. You must have a thousand or so posts? You’re a veteran blogger Stefanie. 🙂


      3. Ah, I understand. Thanks for your thoughtfulness on that. It is much apprechiated.
        The stuff I blog is there for the world to be seen and I feel honoured if people are interested in what I have to share. Therfore, I do not consider such interest as stalking. I only consider stalking as stalking, which usually has nothing to do with the person being stalked or the content they post but rather something with what’s going on inside the stalker’s brain.
        As for the posts: In 5,5 years of more or less regular posting, stuff collects up – but it’s not a thousand, yet. 😉
        Take care and stay warm to keep that cold in check!


  2. Ya know, I won’t go into detail, and it didn’t end like that, but this stirs up a childhood memory in which I, my older seeeester and her boyfriend snuck into a similar being’s back yard, stole her trap full of poisoned meats laid out for the neighborhood dogs, and ran off into the woods where we soundly destroyed it! These kinds of people exist! She used to throw pitch forks at us! Seriously! So needless to say, I really enjoyed ‘fecking foxes’! Although we never harmed our old, very mean neighborhood biddy! Nor did the dogs. I heard she lived to be very, very, vvveeeerrryyyyy old. Poor unhappy creature! 🙂 Cheers!


  3. Is it awful that I think she got what she dsserved? I don’t are so much abiut the cats 🙂 but killing the birds and dogs ! Good riddance to her and nicely done to you 🙂


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