Seeking Hydra – Free for 2.5 more days

I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking holy heck does this man have a lot of soft furnishings. Well yes. Yes, I doodley do!

Also, my book is still free, but as the title suggests, only for 2.5 more days. Head on over to Amazon and buy it for $0.00 and you can download it to any PC, tablet, iPad and Kindle ereader.

USA Edition:
UK Edition:

If you think the book looks sexy as feck, you can buy the paperback for £12. It would make an awesome Christmas present, just sayin!

USA Edition:
UK Edition:

If you grab a copy and enjoy, please do leave me a review. It helps me so much! If you leave me a review, let me know in comments and I’ll give you and your own website a shout out during the week.

Cheers everyone! Hope you enjoy!


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33 thoughts on “Seeking Hydra – Free for 2.5 more days”

  1. You have to subscribe to Kindle Unlimited to be able to read it, and Esme’s Cloud doesn’t have that as I don’t sign up for things that I have to cancel. Is it only available that way?

    Esme waving upon the Cloud


      1. Oh no, it was just the tab that says ‘read noe for £0.00’ that takes you to Kindle Unlimited. The ‘Buy Now’ tab lets you buy it for free. That’s where the mix up might pop up occasionally!

        Esme Clouc having her free copy now happily


    1. Thanks Cyranny. 🙂 I have them made through KDP and 3 are in Kindle Select. I’ll have a look to see what sort of deals I can offer. 🙂


      1. Just the variety of backgrounds that I could recognize as furniture…LOL I envisioned you in a manor with tons of Gentleman chairs and lots of ottomans in front of marble fireplaces


      2. Haha, I’m in a studio flat in London with less than £20’s worth of furniture (including rugs and cushions!)


      3. Haha, oh mate! I got 4 small £1 rugs and 6 £1 cushions along with some blankets. S’about it right now, and thank you Ikea! Everything else I own is in Scotland waiting for my eventual move! 🙂


      4. Haha, there is in the hills. My missus has 8-10 sheeps and 3 ponies. Her mum and dad have nearly 200 sheeps! o.o


      5. I’ve done the hard work in London to be honest. Scotland will be a cake walk compared to the rat run hamster wheel. 🙂


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