Living Hydra

“I took you with me,” continued Yuffie. “Imprinted your image on the minds of a vast number of artists, creatives, dreamers and children in the living world. You grew to your current size. A giant idea, thought and memory. A part of the little girl that continues to survive.”

“What was I to the girl?” asked Hydra. “A dream? A toy? Hope or fear?”

“I don’t know,” replied Yuffie. “I just wanted something of her to live on after her death.”

“You’ve always taught me everything needs to end,” said Hydra. “Life, journeys, fame, books, love and the careers of politicians.”

“I know,” said Yuffie. “I’m sorry Hydra.”

Seeking Hydra is free for the next 3 days! Yup, that’s our new book. Not in the UK or USA? Drop me a message and I’ll try and get it onto your local Amazon.

USA Edition:
UK Edition:

If you think the book looks sexy as feck, you can buy the paperback for £12. It would make an awesome Christmas present, just sayin!

USA Edition:
UK Edition:

A quick shout out to Seeking Hydras reviewers so far.

Jan O of Book em, Jan O
Mike Wolff of Lurking in the Shadows
S. Creative B. of Spellbound


27 thoughts on “Living Hydra”

  1. Well I was off to bed, saw you dropped a new post, thought hey I could use a laugh, and now I feel empty inside…. I get it. Sleep is for the weak. get to work and I shall…. thank you for the inspiration


  2. Good evening dear,

    I haven seen your stories
    it so wonderful Nicely expressed.

    Thank you so much sharing
    Such a creation of yours with us



      1. Oh really? Why not? Yes we do actually! I mean bought a lot of stuff from Amazon and we order books from their many times as well for our academic library!


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