Little Fears, Big Update: Fey

Well howdy. Another week, another update.

  1. Fey
  2. Threadless – Sale
  3. Chili Cinema
  4. Patreon


Ah, an old character I doodled but hasn’t been in a single published tale yet. A quick re-doodle and she’s in this weeks #Colour_Collective.

Threadless – Sale

Last chance to get free shipping on our Threadless store orders. Good Christmas presents, just saying! Use the promotional code CHEER7cca8e at checkout. Offer ends December 15th.


Chili Cinema

Alex, Layne and I will be watching Land of the Dead and having a laugh on Twatter this weekend. We’ll be hitting play at 9 pm GMT or 4 pm EST for our American friends, and tweeting like zombie splatter fangirls. You can find our Twitter handles at @Chew_On_Glass@SynBoomstick and @TheLittleFears. Watch along with us if ya fancy.

While giving Twitter a mention, I still have 4 codes left for a £5 voucher on Chili Cinema. Tweet me here for a free £5 Chili Cinema voucher

patreon little fears

Have you noticed my weekly update posts have had links to my new patrons? Well, not for the last couple weeks… Do you want a shout out at the bottom of my weekly update posts? Head on over to Patreon and pledge $10 or more a month and not only will you help with Hydra’s feed bill, but you will also get that weekly shout out with a link back to your site. Hit me up on Patreon here:


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