Corner Sitting

Grey Moon – Monday (ep. 7)

“It’s a bit cold in here,” said Fuen.

“Try sitting in the corner,” replied Reala.

“Which corner?” asked Fuen.

“Any of them,” replied Reala. “They’re all about 90 degrees.”

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51 thoughts on “Corner Sitting”

      1. In fact, they are working on our heat system, this week. Meaning no heat for about 10-12 hours each day in a drafty flat in German December. No fire place, therefore one electric heat radiator and the kitchen stove.
        So, maybe we should sit in the corners, too! ;P


      2. Yeowsers, yes, I am currently in an empty apartment with just one tiny electric heater to warm me. I spend all day laying on the floor in front of it with my laptop. 😛


      1. Duuuuddddeeee! I shared this with my boyfriend and he piggybacked You saying she just needs to lean against a wall as they’re 180 degrees. Ha! Surrounded by funny men! Yay!!! ?


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