Stone Archway

He sits down in the corridor, watching the rain coming down outside the archway. She hasn’t arrived.

He watches a middle-aged couple, crying, flowers in hand. He knows the feeling.

She still isn’t here. He’s getting frustrated now.

He reaches back and polishes the brass plaque with his name on.

She hasn’t come for 7 years, he doesn’t know why he thinks she’ll come today.

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20 thoughts on “Stone Archway”

  1. Sadly, there is the one usual flaw, did he tell her how much he loved her? She doesn’t know about him or else , such cruelty, she said she’ll let him know. He waits – she promised – he waits.


  2. Imagine how frustrated she must be: All the time she has always been right there with him and he does not even notice; on the contrary, he wrongly accuses her of not showing up and is getting frustrated…
    He should take his ecto-plasm-detector with him, next time.

    This was an especially inspiring one! Thanks, Peter, and Happy Weekend!


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