Gum Smugglers

Grey Moon – Monday (ep. 9)

“I once got caught sneaking three hundred packets of bubblegum through customs,” moaned Reala.

“I once got caught smuggling twelve cases of Portuguese fortified wine into the country,” sighed Yuffie.

“Oh dear,” said Fuen. “Were you punished?”

“Yeah,” replied Yuffie. “I got deported.”

Silly mad late today. Pardon me. Somethings going up with as it’s currently a pain in the bottom to access it from the UK.

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42 thoughts on “Gum Smugglers”

  1. Great post I really enjoyed reading it. That guy never reminded me how many packs of gum I went through when I was quitting smoking. Yesterday I was 6 years smoke free with just cold turkey no extra help except for gum.


      1. 6 years ago Friday I decided that if I wanted to keep on living I was going to have to quit smoking. I had at that time 3 grandkids that I wanted to see grow up and I knew if I didn’t quit I wouldn’t get to see him grow up and walk across the stage. So I quit just chewing gum if I ever can be any help to you just let me know. I am always here to help somebody quit smoking.


  2. Yay!! I can comment now!! I’m so excited! Well… Yuffie is my favorite and she’s lovely for sneaking the wine. I hope she got deported to a very cold dark place with lots of flowers. LOL.


      1. There was a period for about 8 months when they turned off comenting on self-hosted blogs. They have just turned it back on. 🙂


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