Fearful Names

Grey Moon – Monday (ep. 12)

“I always wondered where the Bahamas got their name,” pondered Reala.

“I wonder where I got my name from,” sighed Yuffie. “I mean Yuffie. I’m meant to be some sort of queen of the dead.”

“I like your name,” said Reala.

“Pretty sure my name relates to a celestial bird,” said Fuen.

“Nice,” said Reala. “My sister was named after my mum.”

“Oh?” quizzed Yuffie.

“Yeah,” sighed Reala. “Growing up was hard when your sister was called Mum.”

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32 thoughts on “Fearful Names”

  1. haha… this reminds me of my daughter… She is at that age where she doesn’t understand her name and you are the same thing… “No, I’m me!” “Yes, you are Tandem.” “No, I’m me!”


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