Coming Around

Grey Moon – Tuesday (ep. 18)

“So how long do we stay here for?” enquired Reala.

“Until we’re forgotten entirely,” said Yuffie. “I believe I am an embodiment of necromancy.”

“How long have you been here for?” asked Reala.

“Since before humans existed,” sighed Yuffie. “Even some primates have an awareness of death and the afterlife.”

“Have you ever been back?” pondered Reala.

“Occasionally. Necromancy and the craft drift in and out of fashion. Sometimes I have a large following, and the following summons me,” replied Yuffie.

“Some things keep coming round,” said Fuen. “Like that crazy frog ringtone, man buns, platform sandals and scrunchies.”


Proper divder between text and page bottom links… Better… I think… The bigger header allows me to put the video before text, for those audio inclined. That in turn allows me a longer title and sub-heading which looks silly with all text below. Hey, I can even put in the episode number from the story. Now that’s an interesting (to me) addition.

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28 thoughts on “Coming Around”

    1. Thank you Sheri. The tales get episodic (sort of?) going forward. They can all be taken as a stand-alone read, but they tie into 90 story long arcs.


      1. Your creativity and ingenuity never cease to amaze me. I can hardly imagine keeping up with 90 story arcs, let alone coming up with them. Then again, your stories aren’t novel length like mine…or are they? I guess we’ll see what unfolds. Always fun to see them come to life day by day.


      2. The books are about 6,000 words each. But I’ve written about 15-16 books now. Round it off at 90,000 words? That’s a couple of novels, right? Plus doodleage. πŸ™‚


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