Shepards Bush

Capricorn (ep. 64)

He dragged her along the floor by her neck with his crook. Down the stairs now, her head banging against each step. Cold stone. She felt dizzy.

A heavy wooden door at the bottom. They went through it into a dark room. He released her. The door slammed shut.

Tilting her head to the side, she felt blood against her face. It was probably hers. Her eyes adjusted to the darkness. Two more men were here. Both with crooks. In the centre of the room seemed to be a twelve-foot-tall topiary sheep. Its eyes were red. It looked down at her.

‘Shepard’s Bush’ she thought to herself. She’d always wondered where this place had gotten its name.


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21 thoughts on “Shepards Bush”

    1. One new story, every morning. Mondays and Fridays are horror stories. The other five days are humour. Some occasional oldies updated with new videos in the evenings. πŸ™‚


    1. Semi-related. Back in the Blue Moon days the missus and I used to do one of the sketches/plays over voice. The set up being she’s arrived for a job interview to do the voice over for London Underground and needs to repeat station names. Cockfosters. Shepards Bush. Wapping. Arsenal. With me emphasising the rude bits of each. I don’t think she ever made it through the whole thing once without creasing up.


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