Tagi Car

Grey Moon – Wednesday (ep. 30)

“We picked the fox up in our spaghetti car,” said a penguin.

“A spaghetti car?” asked Reala.

“Mmhmm,” replied a penguin. “A little Italian number made entirely of tagliatelle.”

“Is that even possible?” laughed Reala.

“You sound like my mum,” moaned the penguin.

“Oh?” gasped Reala.

“She didn’t believe I could make a spaghetti car either,” grumbled the penguin. “The look on her face when I drove pasta…”


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56 thoughts on “Tagi Car”

  1. That seemed like a car crash… it all went in slow motion until the last line and i was trying to get out of the way but couldn’t and then – BOOOOM!

    I got pasta’d 🙂

    Penguin could start his own faster pasta car company and call it the Lambapenguini, or Linguini for short! 😉

    Love your work, man.


  2. I love and admire the way you set up these groan-worthy puns making them delightful little narratives. You’ve cornered the market in this field. Respect 🙂


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