Twitter Quotes

Grey Moon – Wednesday (ep. 32)

“The one about the lie of the land something-something,” said a penguin.

“That doesn’t sound right,” said another penguin.

“What’s up?” asked Reala.

“Trying to remember a quote I read on Twitter this morning,” said a penguin.

“I have a good quote about quotes on Twitter,” said Reala. “‘The problem with quotes on Twitter is that you can never tell if they’re genuine.'”

“Who said that?” asked a penguin.

“Winston Churchill in 1943,” replied Reala.


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50 thoughts on “Twitter Quotes”

    1. Memes are variations on everything. If I checked every piece of writing for a relatable meme, I’d never write anything.


      1. It’s not bad, and you have some point there. I just stood up this morning and I haven’t expressed yet an opinion anywhere else while working, so I had to pick a place before it explodes inside me. πŸ˜€


  1. He was very much before his own time… early twitter sucked… Sometimes the birds would die.. In between tweets… So many great jokes lost in time… glad he stuck with it though… A true master to the craft..


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