Calling Yuffie

Grey Moon – Wednesday (ep. 35)
“Hello Yuffie,” said Reala down the phone. “It’s Reala. Listen, I have a group of penguins here, and they are driving me mad. How do I get rid of them?”

“Wheeee,” came a cry from across the room.

“Mmhmm,” said Reala. “OK.”

“Whooooooo,” came another cry from across the room.

“What makes it worse is the black, then white, then black, then white,” sighed Reala. “OI! Would you lot stop playing in my revolving door!”


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36 thoughts on “Calling Yuffie”

  1. Hey I feel bad for Reala… And I’ll be happy to have some input from Yuffie since these penguins be mad…
    But revolving doors?
    I’d rather be with those cra-cra penguins!


  2. I think the bar needs some new phones… could sell those antiques… and update the place a little… I mean there is bird shit on this bar stool… speaking of… is that gum holding this thing together?… and what is with the skeleton at the end of the bar?… he won’t stop staring at me… so rude… just sitting there hold his drink… staring me down… this will all be in my Yelp review… the drinks are good though… May I have another?… : )


    1. Haha, some old reviews of the Blue Moon theatre group and bar for you. We revelled in our awfulness! ๐Ÿ˜›

      Diddy Huan of Alleycats Bar โ€“ โ€œThey broke our bar and stole our Rum! No stars!โ€

      Zhaza of the Pink Ladies Ranch โ€“ โ€œThey bought an Owl that crapped on our stage! No stars!โ€

      Nottoo Wise of Dance Queens โ€“ โ€ They performed at a festival I ran and their set landed on the audience and killed 4 avatars. Never. Again.โ€

      Autumn Teardrop of the Blue Moon โ€“ โ€œI love them and I think you should employ them!โ€ฆ Can I have my money now Naiki? I want a new dress!โ€

      Mags of Ireland โ€“ โ€œNaiki and his gang are a feckless bunch of idiots! But they were quite funnyโ€ฆ One star!โ€

      Sath Gandt of Nice Shirts โ€“ โ€œI used to go to the Moons monsters balls, their appearance used to terrify me! Was OK once they put their costumes on thoughโ€ฆโ€

      Biff Quander of the Blue Moon โ€“ โ€œThey are a bunch of perverts and scoundrels! They talk filth and take the piss out of everything! I believe I found my spiritual homeโ€ฆ.โ€

      ComCat Fenstalker of the Blue Moon โ€“ โ€œI worked at the Blue Moon and they Mooned me! I was stunned! No stars!โ€

      Pruddles Memo of Moons โ€“ โ€œMoons is like a second home to me; one I have to go to because they threw me out of my first one and changed the locksโ€

      Jaida the Splitter โ€“ โ€œBlue Moon owls canโ€™t be trusted! Pru was blamed for the theft of nipple pasties from backstage until one of the owls started farting sequins!โ€


      1. Oh yes indeed! I grew up with those rotary phones and chords that would stretch half the length go your house. Things have really changed


      1. haha but no argue because i am sending you video from urgezistan. only revolving door in country! no penguins! i am using a tarred snow roosters! nostrovia!!


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