Roman Lady

Grey Moon – Thursday (ep. 37)

Just then, a lady dressed as a Roman walked into the bar.

Reala sighed. “Can I help?”

The lady held up two fingers at Reala.

“Piss off to you too!” cried Reala.

“I just want five pints,” grinned the lady.

“Bloody thespians,” sighed Reala. “Always making a scene.”

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37 thoughts on “Roman Lady”

  1. Total recall of an old chestnut: What does this mean (holding up a hand with only two fingers extended – any fingers, that is)? A carpenter ordering a drink for four of his friends and himself. 😀


  2. Haaaaaa! Awesome!
    This one gave me a little challenge. I am familiar with the British “flicking the v’s” part and I looked up how the term “thespians” is used in English but it took me ages until I had figured out how “flicking the v’s” goes together with ordering five pints instead of two… ‍♀️
    I guess I was stuck to a scene of Terry Pratchett’s “The Colour of Magic”:


  3. Feeling extra clever today are we? Love it!! And although I’m American I got all the references immediately. I guess my admiration of all cultures non-American is showing. (Almost said un-American, which is not quite the same thing somehow.) It’s extremely dangerous to use any kind of hand gestures in a country whose culture you’re unsure of. Though unless you know the language it’s the way it is. Glad most everyone on earth has some sense of humor.


    1. Haha, yup. Most of my adult life I have worked with non-Brits. A thumbs up in Africa is often not an acceptable hand gesture haha! I’m told it’s not good in Greece or Iran either.


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