Mabels Lemonade

Grey Moon – Thursday (ep. 39)

“What about her friend Mabel?” asked Yuffie.

“Well, she hasn’t been the same since the incident,” sighed Fuen.

“No,” replied Yuffie. “It was a terrible shame.”

“What happened to her?” asked Reala.

“She fell into a vat of lemon juice and almost drowned,” replied Fuen.

“She turned quite sour afterwards,” lamented Yuffie.

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51 thoughts on “Mabels Lemonade”

      1. Hey I was wondering I’ve seen your shirts but do sell baseball caps, man a nice one with three of your red and black spiders in a row evenly spaced a cross the front of the cap hell I would buy one of them


  1. a constant pucker
    ah….don’t flatter yourself dude
    twas the lemonade

    Sigh. Yup. Yup Little Fears. It was that kind of day. Cheers and Thanks for gifting a smile to my sour little face. And pardon the haiku. It just squeezed itself out. What??? I”m going…!!!!


  2. Ah. I look forward to your posts.They are Funny. You bring laughter to this American. We already have laughter. But it’s more the kind of… OMG this is the end of us and our country is falling apart kind of laughter. But this is also funny in a different way. 🙂


    1. Oh, mate haha. Tell me about it! Same in the UK with a government that nobody wanted and a Brexit that most of us want to avoid.


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