Those Personalities

Grey Moon – Thursday (ep. 41)

Reala watched Saturn swing the door open and sit at the bar in a huff.

“What’s up?” asked Reala?

“My missus has been giving me stick again,” sighed Saturn.

“Oh dear,” replied Reala, pouring Saturn a glass of rum.

“She keeps saying she finds my personality sexy,” said Saturn.

“Aha,” said Reala. “Is that a problem?”

“Kinda,” moaned Saturn. “I don’t know which one she finds sexy.”

“Oh, don’t listen to her,” said Saturn, “she’s a moaning Minnie.”

“Be quiet you,” snapped Saturn.

“OK,” said Reala, pouring a few more rums.

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18 thoughts on “Those Personalities”

  1. Guy goes into a shrinks office, talks for a while and then the shrink tells him he’s got a split personality. Then, he hands the guy a bill for a hundred and twenty dollars. The guy gives him sixty and tells him to get the rest from the other guy…

    … but seriously ladies and germs…


  2. After all Saturn does have many rings. So I reckon it’s a bit tricky to figure out which ring is in play.
    Btw split personality is always a good excuse to get in and out of trouble… not that I’m guilty of this


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