Grey Moon – Free for 5 days

The Little Fears presents: Grey Moon, has now been released! Boom! And in case you missed the post title, the ebook is free for five days. The fifth book in the Little Fears presents series follows an all-female cast of Little Fears as they figure out their place in the world in-between, explore love and discuss picnics with alpacas. All within the confines of the Grey Moon bar. A wee bit of shpiel for you.

If anything is going to save the Little Fears from awful punch lines, it’s not an alpaca with a duck on its back. In Grey Moon, Great British groaners are the order of the day as the assembled Little Fears make their way through 84 tales of ornithology, penguins, rum, love and splinters. Reala offers an Animal Cracker; A pigeon races an aunt; A Roman makes a scene; Yuffie gets hitched; Fuen walks 500 miles. Written and posted with scruffy illustrations daily on These brief vignettes (50 to 100 words) chronicle the continuing adventures of the Little Fears. With only a sense of whimsy and a deep love of old British comedy, Grey Moon will make you groan, cry and laugh until a bit of wee comes out, in a truly original, unoriginal, work of art and fiction.

Sounds typical Fears aye? This is the last book I wrote without thinking in terms of writing a book. If you’d like to grab a copy, go to the Kindle edition, it should show as £0.00 to buy. Grab it at that price and its free forever. If you enjoy it, please do leave me a review. Y’all know a 5 star helps an author.

Grey Moon USA edition:
Grey Moon UK edition:

31 thoughts on “Grey Moon – Free for 5 days”

  1. Congrats! And thanks for the Kindle! I hope lots of your followers get the ebook today. Grey moon was on the 5th search page under that title, and the more downloads it gets the higher it will rank – as I’m sure you know.
    Also, I love the shpiel. If I ran across it cold, I’d pick it up with that great description. Best of luck on oodles of sales of your fabulous doodles!


    1. Cheers, Sheri. I have no idea how Amazon sales rankings work. I need to read into it and figure it out now though. The continued issues of having an accidental business heh.

      Thanks for the comment on the shpiel. I’m doing something right!


      1. I am. I started reading your book last night before bed. I enjoy your witty style of writing and the use of images.


  2. sexy as ever… I need to free up some cash and I will be picking this up… the market is up and down… there is this whole thing with bulls and bears… I need to find my spear… but I’m super excited…


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