Many Movigos

Another wee invitation for everyone. As many of you know, Alex, Layne and I watch things over the internet together on Saturdays and twatter about them on Twitter. Our numbers have grown. They now include Amberly, Ward, Eric and Mel. We have departed from being the Three Movigos, to the Many Movigos.

This Saturday at 9 pm UK time, Amberley the hater of lemonade and R Whites bane has chosen our double feature. Twilight Zone episode, Nightcrawlers. Followed at 9:30 pm UK time by I am Not Allowed to Fall in Love read by CreepsMcPasta. We’ll prattle along as always during the showing. If you’d like to join is, poke me on Twitter and I’ll be sure to @ you so you get in on the conversation early.

Informative informational bit

Video Links

Twilight Zone: Nightcrawlers
I am Not Allowed to Fall in Love

Twitter Accounts:

Alex @SynBoomstick 
Layne @Chew_On_Glass
Lemonade @IamAmberley
LittleFears @TheLittleFears
Mel @GutierFiction
Ward @cleverward1
Eric @ericshayhoward


We hit play on Twilight Zone at 9 pm UK time, it lasts for 20 minutes. We then have a quick dash to loo break and hit play on the creepypasta at 9:30 pm UK time, which lasts for 15 minutes.

9 pm GMT – UK time
4 pm EST – New York time
3 pm CST – Central time

We time ourselves hitting play using so we can be a bit synchronised. The odds of us all getting hitting play at the exact time are hahahaha no sorry don’t go there lol rofl just no. But we can be close!

Any questions, let me know. Poke me on Twitter for an @. No guarantees about demonic entities coming out of TV sets to get you are given.


Hashtags are super important. They allow anyone who writes a blog post about the event to scroll down a unique hashtag and see the whole twatter’sode in real time if you click ‘Latest’. Also, on occasion, one of us loses notifications. Disaster!

You can insert a hashtag by either going to the hashtag in a web browser and composing a tweet under that tag. The tweet will automatically have the hashtag in. Try that here, and say hello to the #MovigosPastaNight. (Linky) Alternatively, you can copy the hashtag and paste it into every tweet.

So I ask, if you join us, please use the hashtag in every tweet, #MovigosPastaNight.

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