Jam-Filled Biscuit

Grey Moon – Thursday (ep. 47)

“I worked at a British biscuit factory,” said Reala. “The boss called me a dozy once!”

“Bet that naffed you off,” said Saturn.

“I was ruddy livid,” said Reala. “I was so angry I threw a biscuit at her.”

“Did you hit her?” asked Fuen.

“She ducked and I missed,” sighed Reala.

Yuffie laughed. “Jammy Dodger…”

29 thoughts on “Jam-Filled Biscuit”

  1. Ahhhhh. My man and I are always looking for fun new phrases. I think “jammy dodger” is going to be adopted. That’s hilarious! Thanks for gifting my first laugh of the day for the millionth time! Cheers!!!


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