Little Fears, Big Update: Screech

Holy crud-muffins we are nearly into March!

  1. Screech
  2. Etsy
  3. Movigos


The eponymous dame returns as the lead lady for this weeks #Colour_Collective. Some link dropping here. You can see the original doodle of Screech in this post and I have a course on how to turn simple doodles into digital graphics assets, here.


My Etsy store has re-opened. I haven’t sorted out an on-site shop yet, it’s on the to-do list. As you know, slightly strapped for cash right now so I have spent a few days this week doing in-house work for companies I used to work for and doing a fair bit of job hunting. Have a nosey at my currently, sparse but growing, Etsy store.

Shop link:


Clickety Click - A #LittleFears horror story in which something enters the room...

We’re back again this week, and Mel has chosen The Eye, a Korean film on YouTube for us to watch. Expect scary Asian ghosts and silliness. Come join us on Twitter for some fun, 9 pm UK time Saturday as we watch and tweet it. Hit me with an @ if you want to be added to the conversation.

For a read up on who the Movigos here, Alex made a Movigos post this week.

You can see my post from two weeks ago to see how we roll, here.

Come join us, it’s a bit of a laugh!

15 thoughts on “Little Fears, Big Update: Screech”

  1. Cool! .. And i can’t believe it’s almost March either. Time is flying. But i suppose it always does. I wish Trump would fly out of the White House just as fast…


    1. Ooof. I know. It’s just sorta run up on us! Trumps into his 2nd or 3rd year already? He’ll be gone before you know it.


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