Stephis Return

Stephis Return

Capricorn (ep. 73)

“What now Stephi?” asked Chris.

“We create new life,” replied Stephi.

She forced him onto his back, he laughed. She leant over him, her face close to his.

“Good start,” grinned Chris.

Stephi’s face began melting, oozing onto Chris’ face. Finding his nostrils, covering his eyes, filling his mouth.

27 thoughts on “Stephis Return”

      1. Aha! Got it, thanks… I once failed at interpreting political cartoons, too. I was a seventh grader in the springtime. The teacher was Mr Olson. The cartoon showed sentenced men looking all hangdog and sheepish as they entered the penitentiary at one end of the building, then coming out on parole on the other end looking mean, crafty, and cunning. I was at a complete loss until Olson explained it… Take care πŸ˜›


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