No Escape

Capricorn (ep. 75)

Then came the scrabbling on the windows. Fingernails scraping, scratching. Asking, then demanding, to be let in.

No petrol, no weapons, no escape.

We lock the doors as if it would make a difference. They’d get in eventually.

You keep trying, right up to that last moment. Refusing to believe what you can see – the worst.

The cracking of a window, our final screams.

36 thoughts on “No Escape”

      1. Haha, nope. ‘fraid not. I know a few idiots with pens and you’re not that! I’ve actually been reading you for almost a year in a couple of different incarnations of my blog, and you are one of my faves. I’m afraid I have never interacted with you enough for you to actually know me but I think what you do is entirely unique and I love it.


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