Pigeon Shaman

Another nameless Fear. We’ll define her by her role for the time being. Visually she reminds me of a bedraggled pigeon. Her feathers separated.  The head-gear looks like a Celtic shamans headdress. She’s our lady for this weeks #Colour_Collective on Twatter.

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17 thoughts on “Pigeon Shaman”

    1. Many millions of years ago, maybe the 80s… I played D&D, and there was a monster called a Swanmay in that big monster compendium book. Good name.


  1. First time I actually dipped over to check out the hashtag for Colour Collective. Amazing! Glad I did. I can see why it’s an inspiring group to participate with each week. Pigeon Shaman is an apt description, I’d say.


    1. Cheers, Sheri. Yes, it’s a good hashtag. I try to join in as many as I can for practice and the communities.


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