Snow Bus

Capricorn (ep. 79)

She was tall and slender, enough to tower over most men, but she looked so fragile. Her legs reminded him of a spider and her hair was always frazzled.

He never saw where she came from, she would just appear by the roadside, looking up the street. Like she was waiting for a bus she never expected to come.

He’d invited her to wait inside a few times. She always declined.

Why would someone wait for four hours for a bus in the snow?

Ambiguous though many of my endings are, I do like to have a start, finish and end to my stories. This wasn’t so much a story but a start of a story that never fully formed in my head back in the Blue Moons heyday. The scene stuck in my head though. A lady who looked like a breath of wind would knock her over, waiting at a bus stop for a ride that would never come.

Also, dicking about with effects on a video. This was set to 100% and won’t be staying at 100%. But it’s an interesting effect. Just thought it would give my daily tales a little more visual thingy.

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21 thoughts on “Snow Bus”

  1. I’ll admit, reading and listening, I feel drawn and conflicted. Does this woman need help, is she suffering from a mental health issue, why won’t she accept help?
    How do you approach someone like this, it is human nature to want to be concerned – but still what is the consequence?
    Ambiguous indeed.


    1. Cheers James. I wasn’t sure myself of the reason she stood there and I flip-flopped a lot. Mental health, lost loved one or maybe waiting or a ride back to her youth.


  2. This reminds me of one of my lecturers and his stories (despite my age, still remember my student years ). One of his clients described her struggles in an impressive, organised and vivid way: as a platform where she waited for a train that never stopped, while all the other passing trains were grey, packed with people who refused to wave back (not sure if I remember correctly but was some dissociative disorder)…


  3. I know…she was in a very unhappy marriage and having no money, that was her escape from an awful situation at home…:(


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