31 thoughts on “Caves”

  1. I use to have a fear. but I went to Belize and did a tubing cave tour. I had such a great time. It was cool seeing all of the formations and remembering things I learned from elementary science. The only bad part were the bats swooping down but luckily they didn’t poop on my head.


    1. Ooof, I love bats! Went on a few tame British cave tours in the south of England as a kid. Utterly fascinated me too. 🙂


      1. When I was a kid, I had a pet bat. He was so mousy-looking and cute and he delighted in hanging upside down on my shirt pocket. I loved that bat and he never once threatened to bite me.


  2. This could be a whole adventure… you should do it… Little Fears presents… Cave of Fun… Cave of Wonders… I don’t know… but it seems like it could be a cool setting…


    1. Some of those dark holes that are filled with mystery and fear can turn into rather expensive propositions and are probably best avoided in the first place. That is why I recommend staying single over getting attached in a marriage that is probably doomed from the start anyway!


  3. I have been to a cave on private property in my area that actually looks like Fred Flintstone’s house. Right down to the round window next to door . As a boy I had a special cave that was part of the way up a cliff. I would free climb up and set on the ledge to watch the forest floor below. About 8 years ago I made the hike back out to my cave and took pictures for my scrapbook . As I was processing the images I spotted the bear lurking in the shadows .


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