Virgos Macabre Dance

“Her pen danced across the page. The final letter in place, the nib tore through the paper. As well as the skin and flesh beneath.”

Hot crappity damn Virgo! Well, she’s arrived at the Little Fears Etsy store. She’s available as an original art piece, not a print. On 220 gsm canvas card. Inked with a Faber-Castell PITT artist pen – Black. Free first class Royal Mail worldwide delivery. I also have Leo the lioness and the Siamese kitties in my shop if Virgo doesn’t tickle your fancy.

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Coloured Memories

My good friend NotDonner asked about an old print this weekend. It gave me a twang of nostalgia. It was the very first post I created on this website. Spectre pointing to the sky. “That’s our future, Sprites. It’s gonna be awesome.”

He was right. He was also brown in the original artwork. It’s been so long I’d forgotten that.

Sometimes things are a certain way for so long, you forget how they were before. The colours of our memories change.

It’s a shame my Etsy store marketing strategy of not telling anybody it exists hasn’t changed…