Pigeon Shaman

‘As the mayor’s skin turned to seed, he pleaded, one last time. The pigeon shaman ignored his cries. The flock arrived. Hungry.’

The pigeon shaman, the avian avenger, taking out her fury on the poor fella for his anti-pigeon measures. She’s also taking her Fears to both a Threadless and Etsy store near you!

Little Fears on Etsy: etsy.com/uk/shop/LittleFears

Little Fears on Threadless: littlefears.threadless.com

As she’s a new release, and I adore her, you can message me below or email me at fears@gmx.co.uk to get her A4 print for just £8 + P&P. Offer ends Saturday, June 9th.

You may also know that Seeking Hydras cover has returned to my Etsy store this week.

And do you know what? As I’m using up my entire year’s marketing quota in just one post, I’m also going to link to the book this image came from. Seeking Hydra.

Seeking Hydra is available on Amazon for £4.99 for an ebook or £12 in print. And gosh darn it, does it have a sexy cover. Feel free to judge.

Amazon link: amzn.to/2xu57T0

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14 thoughts on “Pigeon Shaman”

  1. These Fears products look great! I just got my first box today of my new release book Memory Key. So fun to get that package delivered and see the finished product for the first time! Yours does have a sexy cover. 🙂 Mine’s very colorful – sexy? I’ll let the readers be the judge as well.


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