Audio Issues

Lost Leads – ep. 11

“A what ‘thon’?” asked Sally.

“Sally, are you going deaf?” asked Lily.

“A little,” sighed Sally. “But only in one ear, ma’am.”

“What ear is it?” asked Lily.

“2018,” replied Sally.

Photo by Florencia Potter on Unsplash

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57 thoughts on “Audio Issues”

      1. You’re welcome. You’d think tech could get a little email to me that you replied.

        True? Noooo!

        One day later, that =s now, I instantly see “notifications”/hear/receive another person’s “like” for my comment to your touch of humour ⟵ (Better? I hope so!)

        Timing is fascinating when it happens instaneously, isn’t it?

        There’s my angst for this place. Ergo, I’m rarely here.

        Busy with a wonderful woman who’s losing her hearing!
        Of all things! ‍♀️


      2. Arf, no problems. This site, in particular, has always had a dodgy communication issue with WordPress/JetPack. Frustrating, but not a lot we can do about it.


      3. What’s going on here? It shows I’m not following you. I only see you under readers I follow. ARF!

        Glad I logged in! Still had no idea you replied. Looks like I’ll follow you … again. I might start biting. ARF, ARF!


      4. Oh, don’t worry haha! Give it a few kicks and hope it works. It’s the issues JetPack and entirely out of our control, I’m afraid.


  1. Sally and Lily a true Mutt and Jeff pair.
    As an aside what happened to the crimes series, Whodunit? Did I miss a the end/
    I was hopping the perpetrator would end up in ‘punitention’ with a bucket and pail…


      1. I think it’s a hard format to do daily tales that carry on like this. Miss a day and suddenly the plots lost.


  2. I am that conversation.
    I’m thirsty. I could use a beer.
    It’s wednesday, not thursday and you’re feeling queer?
    No, I’m thirtsy. And could use a beer
    Oh. Thurston peed in your ear
    No. I’m thirsty. And could use a beer.
    It’s wednesday, asshole, I keep telling you, and if you want to go queer that’s your business.


  3. You could save everybody a lot of typing by adding a spectrum of groan buttons. “Sally, do think the victim is a child? No, I think she’s groan.”


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