Flushed Out

Lost Leads – ep. 25

“All right, all right,” said the voice from the toilet. “I’m coming out.”

The moment she emerged, Sally slapped a pair of handcuffs on her.

“Hiding in a flat with a dead body,” said Lily. “Blood on your hands too. Tell us the truth and it’ll be a lot easier on you.”

“Fine,” grumped the suspect. “I killed her. You arrived while I was covering my tracks.”

“Well, your plan went down the shi…”

“Sally!” cried Lily.

Photo by Felipe P. Lima Rizo on Unsplash

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24 thoughts on “Flushed Out”

  1. Went to see the twit burrrrd piece on spelling, and the link to your video is disabled. It also showed I wasn’t following it. I’m perplexed.

    There’s another episode for you! (Throw in some jewels.)

    BTW – I change profiles almost as much as clothing lately. Keeps your mind sharp if you pay attention to details. Just kidding!


    1. Doh. Kicked my TellyTubes. I lost a couple because of a copyright dispute from a content thief (CD Baby). Muddy funsters!


      1. Sorry about the random line up of sea creatures. I was looking for Nemo. Couldn’t find him anywhere.


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