Ello Ello

Ello Ello

Social Fears (Ep. 1 of 4)

“Have you heard about these influencer humans?” asked Ello.

“I have,” replied Fuen.

“Did you know,” pondered Ello, “some of them get paid sponsorship fees upwards of five hundred pounds to mention brands in their posts?”

“Wow,” said Fuen. “That’s almost as crazy as the prices in the DFS summer sale.”

This post is not sponsored. Though if Ello or DFS want to contact me, leave a comment?

A wee break from Lily and Sally this week. Thoroughly enjoyed posting the first 30 tales long story. Six weeks of the intrepid duo already! They’ll be back for their second case next week when a cat burglar comes to town. The first storyline was inspired by murder mysteries in the vein of Poirot. The next story takes after buddy cop TV shows. Gotta love the Sweeney. “You’re nicked, mate!” BOSH! Shaking down suspects, fast cars, plot twists and surly witnesses.

While I prepare the next set of videos and get things scheduled, I have four tales of interwebs related humour followed by a tale of ponderance from the illustrator. I do hope you enjoy.

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