Living Cars

Living Cars

Life (Ep. 0 of -1)

“It’s not alive,” she grumbled.

“It is,” claimed the Illustrator. “Look, see, two eyes and a mouth. It’s smiling at us.”

“Clouds don’t wave at us, bulldog clips don’t bite us and that car has no emotions. Inanimate objects can’t smile,” she moaned.

The illustrator furrowed his brow.

She threw her hands up. “I give up. How do you do it?” she asked walking away. “How do you anthropomorphize everything you see into a stupid doodle or story?”

The illustrator looked at the car.

The car looked back.

“How do you not?” sighed the illustrator.

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57 thoughts on “Living Cars”

    1. My Rieju was called Happy because it had a smiling face. My Tracker was called Fun cause it was tiny and bags of joy. The current bike is called Git. Because it’s a git… 😀


  1. My cars all had names and faces. My first one was called Dammit because nothing worked on it till I said, “work, dammit.” I had a computer, named similarly for the same reason. It wasn’t cute like the car. Husband’s truck is the Bat Truck because it’s black and kills its weight in bugs whenever we take it out at night.


    1. I reckon there’s a healthy amount of us that think this way. An unfortunate amount of people do not. 😀


  2. I don’t have a car currently, and the trams are just passing acquaintances. But my last car was an old, little, white car. In Germany, the number plates often make words and my license plate read: DA-SY. So, what else? I was DRIVING MISS DAISY.


  3. What we see and do…someone told me in my struggling, starving arteest days when most people couldn’t pronounce synthesizer, much less spell it, that I could have bought a car or a motorcycle for what I had in my Moogs and I said while pulling on the headphones, “This will take me places no car will ever go.”

    “I don’t understand why you have to anthropomorphize an automobile” she said,
    And stomped away in a huff.
    “I don’t know why you don’t understand,” he mumbled, quickly sketched the front end of a 1958 Buick, held it up to the light, “your arse is related to one…”


    1. Ahahahahahahaa! Oh man, we had a comment that was often quoted from Red Dwarf in the 90s. “Your arse looks like two badly parked Volkswagens.” Always made me chuckle.


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