This weeks #Colour_Collective is Basalt Grey. I think this lovely lady was just a stone throw away from being perfect. Hah, see that, a geological pun. I just dug that up. Reminds me of a tectonic relationship I once had. There was a lot of friction between us. We both had our faults…

I thank ya…

With special thanks

Weekly shout out to my $10 patron, Warren from IWrite. Without people like Warren, I wouldn’t be able to wake you all with my little fears and you’d probably cry a lot less in the morning than you already do. So please do check out Warrens blog.

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12 thoughts on “Basalt”

    1. Hey hey. Thank you for the invite. Give me a few weeks and I’ll pop back over. Still mid house move and WordPressing from a phone atm.


    1. Cheers, Forrest. Going awful haha. But we’ll get there. Hope you’re doing well. Need to catch up with everyone in the blogosphere!


      1. Yikes and Ack! I’m so sorry. I’m certain You will get there. I propose that 10 years from now (or 6 months?!) You and Your lovely lady will be toasting to Your good fortune and having a laugh over this crazy time. And don’t worry about blogland. I’ve learned that everybody’s very gentle with each other when we take breaks, fall behind or life calls! Sending Lots of Love and Good Wishes Y’alls way! ☀️


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