Protracted Words

“I couldn’t believe it,” said Spectre.
“I can imagine,” replied Clouds.
“Then she accused me of having an affair with Shlothmagrothadikiflooflarbinban!” cried Spectre.
“The fiend,” gasped Clouds. “How could she say such a thing?”

Original photo by KenrickMills on Unsplash

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24 thoughts on “Protracted Words”

  1. I had to watch this to find out how YOU could say such a thing. It sounded surprisingly easy, actually…now that I think about it, suspiciously easy. Hmmm…


    1. Trivia. If you google “scrunchmaddodle,” this story with your comment is the only search result. That makes me a lil sad. Should be a more common word IMHO… 🙂


  2. How, indeed! Reminds me of the time when Navratilova first “arrived” in tennis and how everyone had to educate their brain to a five syllable name. Now, double that number of syllables and get practising!


    1. Hah. Yep, 80s/90s football games as we began receiving imported players into the league caused some original tongue twisters for the commentators.


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