Re Assure

“It just drives me mad,” squawked Fuen.

“All the feels,” said Reala.

“I mean I get it,” sighed Fuen. “It just annoys me when people seek constant reassurance.”

“Mmmhmm,” replied Reala.

“Do ya know what I mean?” grouched Fuen.

Reala, raised an eyebrow. Then poured another drink. “Yup.”

Photo by Edi Libedinsky on Unsplash

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10 thoughts on “Re Assure”

  1. This one was so funny/not funny, that I forwarded it to my little brother who “gets” everything of yours I forward to him. I’d love to get him one of your more “whimsical” (pardon an old lady, but some of your prints ARE (in a good way) ones to decorate his apartment. How are your sales doing, anyway, and who buys them?


    1. Arf. Cheers, Rae. Nearly all my buyers are currently readers and requests via email. I gotta re-do my Etsy store and ask people to buy through that as I could really use the feedback there. I didn’t get to Scotland quick enough to set up a market stall before Christmas, and trying to get a stall from November onwards is just blah, haha. In the new year, I’ll hopefully be hitting the local markets and business with prints will pick back up.


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