Cooo, now that’s a mouthful! You can tell I’m trying to use up the last unused letters of the alphabet now, right?

So yes, say hello to Xieili for this weeks #Colour_Collective. The colour this week is Midnight Blue. A chuckle from every Tumblr user for the mention of Midnight Blue.

Ho, man, have they gone mad with the new UI. It’s got a, quite frankly savage Midnight Blue.

Old Tumblr Blue was pretty darn tooting bland. But muddy funster, looking at this makes your eyes bleed.

Sticking with the Midnight Blue theme, let’s hawk some wares.

The horned one is available on my Etsy store and here’s a linky: etsy.me/2sHiY3a

Thanks to Warren for the $10 Patronage.

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