Threadless – Free Course

Well, this is worth a look. Browsing Skillshare today, I came across a free class. E-Commerce for Artists: Selling with Print On Demand | Learn with Threadless.

It’s a short and snappy intro to selling on Threadless. My favourite print on demand site.

You can upload designs for t-shirts, notebooks, phone cases and more. You set up a shop page, just like the Little Fears (utterly shameless plug: ). When items are sold Threadless prints the item and posts it out to your customer. You take a percentage of each sale. A rough idea of earnings, a $20 shirt will give you $5 and Threadless $15.

You do have to promote your page to sell products. But it’s a fab way of contributing an extra few dollars to your monthly income.

The course is free on Skillshare. Click the link below, sign up, skip anything that asks you for subscription and enjoy the class.

E-Commerce for Artists: Selling with Print On Demand | Learn with Threadless.

Though saying that, I believe there’s an offer on for 2 months free if you sign up through my link. Skillshare is a fab website with thousands of courses from blogging to web design. It’s worth giving the 2 free months a whirl.

Thanks to Warren for the $10 Patronage.

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9 thoughts on “Threadless – Free Course”

    1. Yep, you keep the copyright on anything in your own store. I’m unsure of how it works submitting designs to the $1,000 monthly theme things. Print on demand sites allows you to keep copyright as most folk upload things to several websites such as Society 6, RedBubble, Threadless and CafePress.


    1. PoD, in general, is hard darned work. You need to promote it constantly to make it earn anything. Kind of works for me as a pocket change income right now. I’ll also be heading back to Society6 for a new range of products, hopefully in March.


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