Air Jars

Brass Ep. 25

The tail straightened with ease. She replaced its bulbs, cleared its nose and emptied the soil from its mouth.

She grabbed a jar of compressed air off the shelf and blew the last of the dirt out of its head. Sheโ€™d gotten over a hundred jars of compressed air when she visited the Air and Space Museum. It was a let-down.

There was nothing there.

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17 thoughts on “Air Jars”

  1. I like your Trinkets they compliment your YouTube channel – which I enjoy and follow, btw. I have one but I guess no one really likes book trailers. Maybe I should get into narrating instead? Keep up the wonderful work, Fears!

    ~Devlin De La Chapa


    1. Book trailers are a hard sell now. There’s so any #BookBloggers, #BookVloggers and #BookTubers you get a bit lost in the crowd. Standing out anywhere is hard, but man, book bloggers have it somethin awful.

      Is there some way you could make yours more unique? Or mix them in with other types of unique videos?


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