Music Machines

Brass Ep. 31

“You can’t talk, can you?” sighed Copper as they headed towards the exit. Irons silence offered a reply.

Copper grabbed her Hi-Fi’s keyboard as she left the house. She’d heard voiceless robots would only communicate with keyboards synchronized to musical devices.

She immediately chastised herself. Clearly, that was stereotyping.

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24 thoughts on “Music Machines”

  1. Ah. Musical clip art. My favorite topic! Here’s a scary thought. Synchronized electronic keyboards came to life in a company I worked for, Sequential Cicuits, along with Roland. I was one of only a handful of pople to watch it work the first time. Since 1982 MIDI is still at Rev 1. And is still in use as the defacto interdevice communication system. And all we have to show for that is music being created by one person with a computer, in a vacuum. Which is why, when people ask “Where is Cream? Where is ELP? Why does everything sound the same?” I say because like our world, we all tap glass to communicate, in a vacuum. Oops. Do I need to auto-tune this?


    1. Heh, glad ya like it, Phil. I think there’s a place for solo music to be made. As long as it’s not the only music that’s made. Hey, early 2000s British music, I’m looking at you.


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