Erics Roof

“They’re not pests,” cried Eric. “Get off my roof.”

Jim looked down the sight of his air rifle.

“Don’t,” begged Eric.

Jim squeezed the trigger. The pigeons took off and came towards them. He took aim and squeezed again. The gun didn’t fire. His finger crumbled into seeds.

Eric stepped back as the flock descended.

Ahh, I still love the idea of pest control being eaten by pigeons. OK, so that’s a re-hash of the pigeon shamans previous story. Here’s the thing. I put 18 new prints onto my Etsy store. I then didn’t post about them again since listing day.

My problem is, I’m bad at writing marketing copy for my own art. So instead, I figure posting them with stories is better. Kinda… Right?

Oh, and this week, I finally got about to making mocks of all my images in different frames. So hey, I have something to talk about and point too!

Linky to my store:

Shout out to Bob, the Penguin for buying me a cuppa ko-fi yesterday and thanks to Warren for the $10 Patronage.

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