Dead Deer

“Shogmagrathagratiu,” croaked Deer.

“Whatever you say, mate,” replied Lucy.

Deer slumped to the ground, his skin fell from his body. The features of his face slid off piece by piece until just a skull remained.

“Hey, hey,” chuckled Lucy, tugging on an antler, pointing at Deers skull. “No eyed deer!”

“Oh, for god’s sake,” sighed Yuffie. “Now what do we do with him?”

“Chop it up and sell it to passing people?” suggested Lucy. “We could chop off his balls and tell a human they have medicinal purposes.”

“We wouldn’t get much for them,” sighed Yuffie. “Deer testicles are under a buck.”

Deers corpse and pixel art trees are snap-shotted, printed and doodled on with permission of the rather awesome, lum. It’s from a free game, Devil Haunts Me. A free survival horror game by lum. Check em out here: You can hit ’em up on Twitter at @uberprawn.

Shout out to John of Nowhere Tribune for buying me a cuppa ko-fi yesterday and thanks to Warren for the $10 Patronage.

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21 thoughts on “Dead Deer”

      1. Beer nuts are usually glazed and you’ll find them in bars as they go good with… I’ll let you figure it out. ๐Ÿ™‚


      2. Arf, OK, that’s not helped haha! I thought they might be peanuts, but glazed nuts with beer? What kinda nut are they?


  1. The buck stops deer, doe! Wow cleaver writing my husband was laughing so hard he couldnโ€™t swallow his salad. He came up with response I am not blessed with his gifted sense of humor.


  2. Good chuckle, well spun. Also, the title of the video is Dead Dear, but the post is Dear Deer. Both work, but in case either was a mess up, thought I’d mention it. Thanks again for a laugh!


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