End Goals

I get a lot of emails from people asking for help with their blogs/writing/art/portfolio sites.

My first response is to always ask “what’s your end goal?”

If the answer is “I have no end goal, I just love doing what I do,” that’s awesome. I have no advice to give. Just keep doing what you’re doing and enjoy it.

If you do have an end goal, my advice would be different depending on what answer you give. I had a little ramble about this last night when I was doing yesterdays story panel.

I think that may qualify as a vlog… Yikes.

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28 thoughts on “End Goals”

      1. I’ll disagree with you there mate! You’ve poetry more on Dees Daily than some “authors” write their entire lives. You’re a writer! 🤪 Rubber stamps the back of your hand Welcome to the club!


      2. Ahhhh! Now that I strongly disagree with! You’re an artist. Anyone who takes paint or ink to paper, is an artist! Also, do you realise how good your art is? It’s awesome.


  1. I’d be lying saying that I wasn’t waiting with bated breath to exceed a blazing 6 likes per post, but I guess that makes me an idealistic, surrealistic dreamer, thinking that there must be others out there just like me that want to read a fantasy blog about a strange couple in Alaska! My Goodness, I must like doing it for the love of whimsy, and nothing else?


    1. Bah. Your writing is good. If you really are just doing it for the love it and nothing else, you don’t need more than 6 likes.

      Is there something you want to achieve? What’s your end goal for the Lolas travels? Fame? Infamy? A book to publish? Do want to teach writing? (Don’t tell anyone I suggested this next one but…) earn a supplementary income from your blog? Maybe advertising revenue?


      1. Well, if it takes money to make money, then I think I’ll continue along in the same way. As long as I get a chuckle out of it now and again, and retain the feeling that I’ve accomplished what I set out to tell about, then that must be the direction, I’m headed in. Regardless of why we do what we do, I appreciate your continued following and acceptance of an occasional comment or two, both ways….


  2. If I didn’t share my thoughts in any way I would actually spiral into some kind of mental breakdown. It’s a 50/50 thing. I like at least trying to participate in something and it helps me clear my head.


    1. Hey, if your blogs just for sharing thoughts, just keep doing that. I’ve had several blogs since about 2004. One blog was more like a diary. Never had a following and that didn’t really matter. A following was not what I wrote that particular blog for.


    1. Aww, cheers Prior! Glad it’s loved! I gotta say, Threadless did a really good job at sourcing good quality apparel for printing.


      1. Well the quality was an 8 out of 10 (you can delete that if you want to) like a few little balls on the material after a few washes – but people ask about the logo (little fears critters) and the thinness is nice – not too heavy of a hoodie so ideal for all seasons –
        Might get my little nephews some too because they liked it a lot – any deals on buying a few?


      2. Aha, interesting. I’ve not had a hoodie yet. Only have the shirts to go by.

        There are occasional deals on spending 40$ or more (2 hoodies?). I have no control over them though. Want me to drop you a line when one comes up?

        Annnnnnnnnnd, would you be interested in writing a Sunday story for the Fears?


      3. Yes – drop me a line – although I am thinking about four hoodies (maybe five) in summer (want them for three nephew October birthdays)
        And seriously – the hoodie for my hubs was the best gift last year! It was fresh (logo) and not just another NFL, sports logo, or guitar item – and in navy has been a neutral clothing item that was very handy –
        And yes – would love to write a Sunday story for little fears (be honored)


      4. Awesome. Yeah, that’s why I’m trying to add more design-based but not traditional tees to the store.

        I’ll drop you a mail this week about a Sunday story. Cheers, mate!


  3. Sounds like solid advice! I have never thought much about Goodreads until about 30 seconds ago. I couldn’t be further away from the end of my book than I am right now but I think later tonight I am going to create an account. It’s never to early to start. Thanks!!


    1. Absolutely! it’s never too early to start.

      Personally, I can’t stand GoodReads. But if you’re a budding author who may need to go self-publish, ignoring a database of potential readers like GoodReads is just plain daft. It’s such a big site with so many book-readers on it. Get started, make a name for yourself and learn how the site works well in advance of releasing a book and I’m certain it would help!


    1. An endless sea of motivational videos/Instagram pictures telling them “you can do it!” with no actual helpful info may have contributed to this.


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