The Swing

Simon gulped down a whiskey. Gina stood outside by the swing, pushing little Rachael as though nothing had changed in their lives. He couldn’t look at them. He downed two more shots and lay down on the couch.

There was a rap at the sliding glass door. Not again. Couldn’t they leave him alone? Simon covered his face with a blanket, waiting the sound out. The hanging tendrils soon dragged Gina’s corpse back to the swing, returning to their endless mockery of Simon’s old life.

Story by Alex Buchholz of Check out his blog for more weird shit, with Alex. Thanks for the tale, Alex!

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26 thoughts on “The Swing”

  1. Your whole production has the same chilly effect on me as it did when you sent me the initial audio sample, Peter. I really enjoyed being a part of this, especially the challenge involved with boiling down an idea into five-hundred characters.

    Cheers, bud!


      1. Early Fears were mixed about 30% horror & weird fiction amongst the humour. Very Twilight Zone. When I get around to overhauling the front page I’ll be categorizing the tales so they can be browsed via genre and storyline. Will help with the remaining horror readers here, heh.


      2. I love the Twilight Zone. I’m fairly new to Little Fears, and I enjoy the current format. I am interested to see the mixed stories. From what I’ve read on your blog, overhauling is a horror story in itself.


  2. Hi Pete! Hope you’re well. I just can’t believe I’ve forgotten about this. I take it back. I believe it! LOL. I’m horrible.

    Hope you’re well. Alex killed it and I loved your narration. Spot on!


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