Car Scrape

Brass Ep. 55

A whir and a clunk, and the car started. Iron snatched a cloth from the centre console and began cleaning the window. Copper rummaged about in the boot of the car and found a window scraper.

The duo got to work cleaning all of the Fords windows. It reminded Iron of the time she used a Grim Reaper toys plastic scythe to remove the snow from her old car.

It wasn’t a task to repeat though. Iron knew she’d de-iced with death.

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19 thoughts on “Car Scrape”

  1. Reminds me of the time when I had to get something to clean my car, and I was offered either a small gnome-like creature, or a chamois cloth.
    The choice was between elf or leather.


  2. I was vacuuming when the door bell rang. There at the front door was Death. I didn’t want to go so we battled for ages….talk about Dyson with Death 😀


  3. I’m reminded of the time I used a folded up lawn chair to ‘shovel’ snow from around my car following an especially heavy winter storm. Got a good ribbing from the neighbors for that one. 🙂


    1. Haha, yeah, back at my old work we’d use whatever was handy to shift snow. A great many times I left pallet tracks in the car park!


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