Sea Pie

Brass Ep. 61

They climbed back into the car and continued their journey. Iron noticed the seats were smaller and closer to the steering wheel. Copper sunk into her seat when she noticed the car had shifted from left-hand drive to right-hand drive. The duo looked to each other in silent acknowledgement.

With the turn of a makeshift key Iron continued driving while Copper rummaged through the glove box. She pulled out a leaflet with a skull and crossbones logo on the top. ‘Sea Sick Sams meal deals’ read the top of the leaflet. ‘Chicken pie, £12; vegetable pie, £9; beef pie, £15.’

Copper lamented the high prices and grumbled to herself, “ruddy pie-rates.”

Original photo by Arthur Aldyrkhanov on Unsplash. Thanks to Warren for the continued $10 Patronage

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