Mere Dreams

Well, of course she was going on a tee!

She’s available in a range of colours and apparels including green hoodies and yellow shirts. Also, mugs, notepads and phone cases.

Where can you buy this whimsical saying, I hear you cry! Or was that a groan because I’m hawking my wares again? I’m not sure, I wasn’t listening…

You can buy them from my Threadless store of course! Here’s a handy link for you:

Thanks to Warren for the continued $10 Patronage

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6 thoughts on “Mere Dreams”

  1. Here I went in to order that one and got an I love spiders one instead. This one will wait till My next paycheck. But then there’s the Ick People one too… too many choices!


    1. Aww, cheers mate! Glad you like them. Yeah, Ick people and Drink Tea are the two current most popular by far!


    1. Possibly. My stories were written back in 2017 without books in mind. They just neatly fit around 90 tales per series and I got asked for books a lot. I’m going to try and make some time to get the Lost Leeds series into a book in May. I might have time to get Brass done too.


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