Pee Hope

Brass Ep. 76

Copper rummaged through the glovebox then handed Fuen a newspaper article about the vineyard. Fuen scanned down the page. The article said not only did they create some of this countries finest wines, but they also sold grapes for medical research.

“They created an anti-diuretic with their wine to help with incontinence,” pointed out Copper. “Got it branded as well. Pinot More.”

Iron snorted.

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16 thoughts on “Pee Hope”

  1. A few years back we made a wine bottle label for a friend of ours who turned 75 (and who is always disappearing behind bushes when we go for walks in the woods together) and presented him with 6 bottles of Pinot More. It took a while until the message sunk in but he got it in the end … 😀


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