Story by Aimer

A bump in the night,
It’s nothing, right?
Wind at the window,
Gusts at the door.
Shadows in the bedroom,
Were they there before?

An old farm house,
Creaking wood floors.
A musty bed
In an unused room.
A storm, mad rain,
Go to sleep, again.

A crucifix on the wall,
Across from the bed.
A voice in the dark,
A whisper in his head.
Have you been saved?
The shadows said.

Thorns on his head,
Blood on his ribs.
The pale figure moved,
First hands, then feet.
Stepped off the wood cross,
Floated down from the wall.

Sheets on the floor,
Feet on the stairs.
Heart pounding,
Door slamming.
Rain on his face,
He shouted back at the house.

Thanks, but I saved myself!

This week’s spooky Sunday collaboration was written by a regular in comments, Aimer of Aimer Boyz. Author, poet, odd-bod. Cheers for the spookies, Aimer!

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22 thoughts on “Saved”

  1. AIMER!!!!! LITTLE FEARS!!!! WHAT?!!! LOVE this!!! Oh! Cheers, Cheers CHEERS to You Both! What an extremely delightful surprise! This rocks!!! πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€— (that’s a standing ovation!)


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